Acre Eatery, Camperdown

Change of seasons here in Sydney means crazy change of weather too. The last four weeks were just wet, wet, wet. Last weekend was no exception – our usual Sunday morning routine of gym, brunch, and markets were dampened by the non-stop rain (also it was doona weather so I was feeling extra lazy to exercise). I’ve always wanted to give Acre a visit and I thought, it was the perfect lazy Sunday to have a lazy autumn brunch.

Acre was nothing short of beautiful. The grounds are surrounded by rows after rows of fresh produce, herbs, plants, flowers, and with chickens clucking all around all thanks to their partner Pocket City Farms. There’s a make-shift container cafe at the front as you walk in, an outdoor al fresco eating area, and the beautiful, expansive indoor restaurant. What the whole initiative is trying to achieve is a”closed loop” of composting, recycling, and reducing water waste. Nothing processed, artificial, and commercial in the food and drinks they serve here – everything is organic, natural, sustainable, ethical and local. I love the idea that the food I’m eating is not only absolutely delicious, but also comes from land that is farmed with love.

From the Weekend Garden Breakfast menu: acre pit smoked beans, sourdough with sausage and poached eggs
From the Weekend Garden Breakfast menu: acre breakfast plate, prosciutto, macadamia hummus, pickles, chutney, soft boiled egg, sourdough

Acre Eatery
31a Mallett Street Camperdown NSW
02 9194 3100
Open Wednesday – Sunday (closed Monday – Tuesday)

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Harbour Bar and Kitchen | First Post of 2017

Transitions. Changes. A journey.

These are just some of the many things that can aptly describe the last year and a half. I have been absent for quite some time, posting one or two things here and there, but absent nonetheless. I needed time to figure out a lot of things, mostly on my own, mostly with people surrounding me. I’ll spare you the details dear readers, but suffice it to say that there were good times and bad, but in the end it’s how you handle them and what you make of yourself (all against adversary). Also, adulting is bloody hard! But we got there in the end with rainbows and flying unicorns and sprinkles and flowers 🙂

So for my comeback post, my first one for 2017, I am hoping that the happiness of our first meal in 2017 (waaaay back in January) with my parents and siblings, will be the light that will rekindle the fire inside me. To capture moments. Take photos. To write. Share.

We decided to enjoy the beautiful summer that we’re having in Sydney by taking the parents to Darling Harbour, which is quite close to our apartment. It was January, the sun just setting behind us, the harbour buzzing with summer activities and eager tourists, and us? Craving for some cerveza (Mr J), cocktail (me!), and good old fashioned ribs. Harbour Bar and Kitchen recently opened and offered the perfect vantage point for this one beautiful summer afternoon. The beer was cold, the lychee cocktails were exciting, the cheese platter was humongous, the ribs were smokey perfection, and the fish was amazing. It was definitely a great start to a promising year ahead.

Beer and Lychee Flyover (Soho lychee and chambord with pineapple juice and strawberry purée)
Cured meat platter (for two)
Full rack beef ribs and woodfired chargrilled barramundi with saffron rice

Harbour Bar and Kitchen
Shop 437& 447, Level 2,Harbourside Shopping Centre 2-10 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour
9280 2029
Open Monday to Sunday 9am til late

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Meet Gerard, Alexandria

I squealed with delight when I found out that ex West Juliett head chef Sarah McWilliam opened a new cafe with ex The Counter owner Mariella Traina. I had sweet delusions of awesome coffee, beautiful breakfasts, and gorgeous reincarnations of that salty chocolate chip cookie (best cookie in the universe, in my humble opinion). One Saturday morning, with hungry stomachs and a nose for that first drip, we made the short trip from one side of Sydney to the other (ok, from Pyrmont to Alexandria…), found ample parking at Gerard Street, and zeroed in on that unmistakable Sydney cafe scene: chairs and tables flooding out the cafe, and a colourful combination of people, children, and dogs eagerly waiting for a table, their coffee, or just hanging out.

I love the interiors at Meet Gerard… a well balanced, clean, light atmosphere buzzing with people, grinding coffee, chitchat, and clattering of plates and utensils. The food is even better: an odd mix match of good old brunch favourites, with exciting, not-your-average breakfast food that somehow magically works together (I’m looking at you, Milk & Honey yoghurt panna cotta! Why are you so amazing?).

You go there to feed, to catch up with friends, to enjoy the coffee and cakes. It’s my kind of place, and one that is already becoming a Sydney favourite.

‘Milk & Honey’: a breakfast story by Meet Gerard. Yoghurt panna cotta, seasonal berries, honeyed puffed rice, house granola
‘Milk & Honey’: a breakfast story by Meet Gerard. Yoghurt panna cotta, seasonal berries, honeyed puffed rice, house granola
Scrambled eggs with chorizo, avocado, toast
Scrambled eggs with chorizo, avocado, toast
Smashed avo, pickled chilli, feta, lime, coriander, yuzu sesame, with a side of poached eggs and crispy bacon
Smashed avo, pickled chilli, feta, lime, coriander, yuzu sesame, with a side of poached eggs and crispy bacon (this is my absolute favourite!)

Meet Gerard
54 Henderson Rd Alexandria
02 8021 7211
Open Mondays to Saturdays 7am – 4pm

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