Barmuda, Newtown

Sour cherry jam and ricotta on toast

What’s your agenda for the weekend?

Ours is a standing one: exercise (gym, run or cycle), brunch, markets, meet with friends, drinks, home. You won’t find be at home the whole day on weekends. I’m usually out and about, exploring this wonderful city and just enjoying everything it has to offer.

As we grew older, we soon realised that we’ve moved from being evening owls to morning people. No longer can I stay up until 2am partying – my ideal Friday evening is in bed by 10pm the latest, in my pajamas, underneath the doona. Make up removed, teeth brushed, face washed, aromatherapy candle burning to lull me slowly to sleep. Because of our early evenings, we usually pack as much as we can during the day. Mornings at our household start early, usually around 7am – 7.30am on weekends.

Brunch usually follows after our morning exercise. It’s the only time we indulge ourselves – whats on the menu? Pancakes, french toast with crispy bacon, big breakfast, muesli and some wonderful, wonderful coffee? Yes please!

We also have our usual go-to cafes. Sydney is littered with amazing cafes, you just need to get to know them. From Petersham, to Surry Hills, Newtown, Redfern, Lane Cove and all the way to Parramatta and beyond.

Barmuda is one of our favourite, reliable cafes where there’s plenty of seating, the food is affordable and delicious, their scrambled eggs is one of Sydney’s best, and the house blend coffee is spot on. The service is fast and we always leave feeling full and contented, without that awful feeling that you’ve just spent your week’s worth of meals in just one breakfast. Oh, because it’s in my favourite suburb in Sydney (yay Newtown!), we usually do a quick lap around King Street, checking out the quirky shops, browse around the markets when it’s on, and just people-watch. Newtown, after all, has its own quirky, interesting and yet lovable character.

Flat white & cappuccino

Sour cherry jam and ricotta on toast

Planet Newtown: free range eggs, bacon, sausage, balsamic and rosemary mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and toast


Potato stack: crispy potato cakes with scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, grilled eggplant, rocket and tomato relish




283 Australia St Newtown


Celebrations | Vanilla Cake with Brownie Fudge Centre & Vanilla Ombre Cake Frosting

It is baby season amongst my friends, and I love it.

I am surrounded by the most gorgeous, happiest babies and I am absolutely enjoying being the dedicated “Auntie” to not one, not two, not even three babies. Last count, there are about 7 little munchkins in our circle of friends, with one coming very very soon.

With kids means celebrations. Baby showers, births, christening, birthdays. Being around these munchkins literally makes me feel young inside and out – and I am loving it. In the current hostile climate that we live in, being around children shifts my mindset to that of simple happiness and innocence.

This Vanilla Cake with a Brownie Fudge Centre & Vanilla Ombre Cake Frosting was a request from my friends whose son was christened last month. Of course I had to go OTT with the brownie centre because I can, and my love affair with bunting topping hasn’t died down. Plus, I discovered this fantastic baker and cake topper maker from Etsy – Sugar Creations by Sera – who made the cute elephant topper in record time. Thank you Sera for your promptness & for helping me patch up poor little Dumbo who needed some minor surgery after losing a few pieces in transit.

I used this White Cake Recipe from my previous post –

The baby elephant topper from Sugar Creations by Sera.

And the remaining batter, I made into 12 cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting with animal toppings for the little ones.