Wagyu Beef Range Burgers at Ribs & Burgers

So my husband probably thinks that burgers are a food group of their own. He adores burgers so much, it’s become a weekly staple. (Don’t worry, he cycles, exercises regularly, and follows a pretty healthy diet throughout the week. Plus he’s super skinny!). But burgers. Yes. Burgers. Give it to him any day of the week, pile it high with ingredients, or stick to the original BLT – as long as it’s a burger, he’ll take it.

I was so grateful to receive an invite from Ribs & Burgers to try on their newest burger range. They’ve just launched 3 brand new burgers as part of their Wagyu beef range: the Wagyu Big Cheese, Wagyu Chimmi Swiss and Wagyu Tower. I’ve always loved Ribs & Burgers for their ribs (one of the best), so last Saturday we decided to try out their burgers. We ordered 2 out of the 3 burgers, and they were legit tasty, quite generous portions, and literally dripping with flavours.

Thanks to Ribs & Burgers for the amazing burger feast. Trish & Mr J dined as guests of Ribs & Burgers.

The Wagyu Big Cheese had a classic, original burger flavour with all the usual ingredients, plus gotta love the American cheese, caramelised onions, and Aunty Joan’s pink sauce over it.

Wagyu Big Cheese

The Wagyu Chimmi & Swiss is a hunker of a burger – the meat was oozingly tender and so flavourful, and with an elevated flavour profile thanks to the swiss cheese, egg and chimichurri mayo.

There are numerous Ribs & Burgers restaurants throughout Australia. Apart from the burgers, I also highly recommend the smashing ribs! Check out the rest of their menu here.


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