Cookie Doh Co. Raspberry & White Chocolate Edible Cookie Dough

Despite all the physical, mental, and emotional changes (and challenges!) of being pregnant, there are definitely some perks to this growing belly. There’s no denying my size now (yes, being in my third trimester and almost 37 weeks pregnant!), so why hide the round bump? I say flaunt it! Cravings are also another thing: from the most random food (eggplants!), the utterly weird (fresh lemons with salt, but hold the tequila!), to the most straightforward and easiest of them all… chocolate chip cookies. Dunked in milk, enjoyed while sitting on our couch, in my jammies, watching reruns of Outlander on Netflix (ohai Jamie!). I’ve also come across some pretty amazing cookie recipes, and have posted them here and here.

But who gets to lick the bowl and spoon covered in amazing leftover cookie dough? Me? Being pregnant means I have to be a bit more vigilant with what I eat, and raw cookie dough with raw eggs is a big no-no. So… goodbye swiss meringue buttercream, homemade aioli, and licking the spoon off leftover cookie dough and brownies.

Well thanks to these babies by Cookie Doh Co., I don’t really need to make a big batch of cookie dough from scratch when the cravings start, and because they don’t contain eggs – HEY MAMA IT’S PREGNANCY SAFE! Cookie Doh Co. recently released the limited edition Heartberry & White Chocolate (raspberry and white chocolate) and I was lucky enough to try them. Look at those cute, tiny red hearts. I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t February (trust me, being pregnant makes you lose your focus and concentration. It also made me very gullible – true story). 

These two tubs of goodness may not be the healthy stuff (especially when I added them to vanilla ice cream… oops!), but boy did they hit the spot. Hey, a happy mummy is a happy baby, amiright?

Cookie Doh Co. originated in Melbourne, and they don’t use eggs or pasteurised substitute. The cookie dough can also last up to 2 weeks unrefrigerated in room temperature, or up to 3 months refrigerated (less than 4C). Currently, you can only purchase them online, but Cookie Doh Co. delivers all over Australia – see more info here!

This post was a collaboration between Cookie Doh Co. and Sugarlace. Thanks to Cookie Doh Co. for the tubs of cookie dough goodness! 

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