Two Sis and Co Cafe, Pyrmont

I always love that anticipation when you walk past a construction site, and after taking a peek, you realise it’s a commercial spot for a future restaurant or cafe. And then you find out that it finally opened, and discover it’s a quaint cafe with so much potential. You schedule in your first visit. You take a seat, marvel at the cute and crazy 60’s wallpaper that reminds you of the Beverley Hills Hotel, pick up the beautiful gold cutlery, and order your coffee. You take a look at the menu, one side for breakfast served all day, the other for lunch (from 11am onwards). You look at your watch. It’s 1pm, so definitely lunch (although I have no issues over having bacon and eggs at midday).

Two Sis Pyrmont is the sort of place you expect to find lots of millenials who are crazed-up about their Instagram feeds, and you do find them there. I can’t blame them. The place is cozy, pleasantly designed, and with lots of good lighting for that money shot. But what keeps me coming back is the food and the service. Mem, one half of the 2 sisters, serves the best coffee and cake made in house, and the food is not only presented beautifully, but tastes amazing too. The Asian influence seeps through the dishes, and you only have to look at the menu to spot some classic comfort food: Quinoa Goreng, Ramen Bowl with tonkotsu broth, and the Poached Salmon Bowl with salad and an amazing Ikura & Wasabi Vinaigrette dressing. We returned the following week for the breakfast menu, and the humble bacon and egg roll did not disappoint.

I’m ecstatic that a new cafe opened just minutes from my front door, and one that serves great food and gives amazing service. This one is definitely for keeps.

Cheese Burger with maple bacon, American cheese, served with sweet potato wedges
Ramen Bowl with tonkotsu broth, 63C egg, bacon dashi, ginger, bamboo and nori
Poached salmon bowl, boiled egg, broccolini, kale, wakame, edamame, sesame, avocado, ikura and wasabi vinaigrette
Freshly squeezed juices – this one is apple, ginger, celery, lemon

Two Sis and Co Cafe
306 Harris St Pyrmont
Open Monday to Saturday 7am – 5pm and Sunday 7.30am – 5pm

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Home, Pyrmont

I’ve moved around a lot since I left home in Darwin at the ripe age of 18. I’ve lived in university campuses, slept on friend’s couches and floors, and have had my fair share of numerous apartments – all shapes and sizes. But the one move that was the best out of the lot was moving to Pyrmont with my husband. Pyrmont is one of those suburbs that I never thought I’d live in. I remember telling myself before, when I earn enough money I will move closer to the city. I’ve always been a high achiever of sorts – it’s my best and worst trait I suppose. I’ve had to consciously teach myself to be content in what I have, and I must say, I’ve seen a change (and an improvement!) in my own growth and maturity. If you ask me 2 years ago what I value most, I would probably say career, financial stability, and professional development; now, it would be God, marriage and a work-life balance. See? Growth and maturity.

Pyrmont has the best of both worlds: village and urban life. It’s pretty much a stone’s throw from the city, with beautiful water views, parks just right outside our doorstep, and that lovely village-y community that reminds me of New York. But, this is my beautiful city of Sydney, and this is my home in Pyrmont. After moving here, Mr J and I became instant locals and Pyrmont Local Growers Markets regulars. One weekend, I took my camera out for a spin at the monthly markets, and just started snapping away of my beautiful backyard. I hope you fall in love with my beautiful suburb, as much as I have. 🙂

Pyrmont Local Growers Markets runs every first Saturday of the month (except January)
Pyrmont Bay Park
Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont

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