Wolfe & Co, Dural, NSW

First official day of winter 2016, and it’s everything it promised it to be: cold, cloudy, drizzly 1st of June. I’m stuck at home with flu, feeling sooky and sorry for myself and often drifting off to Codral-land. It makes me think back to when we went to the ‘burbs in summer, when it was warm and balmy, with Mr J eagerly visiting his beloved bike stores, and me? Expect me to hunt the best cafe around town, with alfresco dining earning bonus points.

In comes Wolfe & Co – a lovely, bustling cafe in a quiet corner in the Hills District. Wolfe & Co prides itself in using and sourcing local produce, including some local Hawkesbury suppliers. The coffee is Five Senses, and the sauces, preserves, jams, granola and muesli are all housemade. Yes, there is life beyond the Inner West and Inner city areas of Sydney, people! Yes, this is a pretty good find in suburbia (a pretty popular stop for cyclists too!). Do they make good coffee? Yes. Is the food nice? Oh yes. Is the service good? You bet. Unfortunately, they ran out of their infamous Creme Brulee French Toast when we arrived, however it could only mean one thing: another visit is a must to try them out next time!

Flat white is a must!
Buttermilk chicken burger with red cabbage and apple slaw and jalapeno coriander mayo on a milk bun. Shoestring fries as sides is always a good thing
Smoked trout salad with radicchio, mint, baby cos, radish and candied walnuts and with salsa verde dressing. This must be a seasonal item as it’s not on the autumn/winter menu anymore.
Five senses coffee

Wolfe & Co
538 Old Northern Road, Dural, NSW
Open Monday to Friday from 6am-4pm; Saturday from 7am-3pm; Sunday from 8am-3pm


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White Taro, Surry Hills

Viet skewer chicken with green papaya and herbs in a black brioche bun with chips.

A few months have passed since my last post because you know, life happens. Christmas, family from overseas were over, a few mini holidays, the occasional bump on the road, and good ol’ work work work. All powered by caffeine, whisky and carbs, of course.

It’s probably fitting to come back with a blog post about our brunch today with some girlfriends of mine. Oh you know, the type of friendship where you don’t see each other often, but when you do there’s a mutual respect and understanding that things have been busy, I haven’t forgotten you or neglected our friendship, I appreciate the love and commitment, and let’s see each other again in 6 weeks’ time. Because that’s the kind of mature friendships that in this age, I cherish more and endeavour to invest my love, time and effort. All my girl friendships are a fruit of love, commitment and most especially, investment. The plastics and mean girls have no place in my life – this is the real, raw stuff and I love each and every one of them.

Back to brunch.

White Taro is a lovely little nook in one of my favourite Sydney suburb, Surry Hills, where parking is easy to find, the coffee is amazing, and the food is exciting. One look at the mango, papaya and prawn salad and you know it’s the perfect summer meal to have with friends.

Green papaya, mango, herbs, and prawn salad
Crispy skin salmon in a black brioche bun
Chook in a broth – grilled chicken in a spiced broth with mushrooms and egg
Waffles with salted caramel bacon, egg and oat ginger crumbs

White Taro
67 Albion Street
Surry Hills Nsw 2010
Open Tuesday – Sunday 8am – 4pm


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A Foodbloggers Ladies Luncheon with Almost Bourdain Part Une

Ladies who lunch. Three words I’d never thought I’d associate with myself (a lady? Moi?), and yet surfaced to reality a few moons ago with a lunch hosted by the lovely Ellie of Almost Bourdain.

Ellie is one of those who I look up to whether it be cooking or baking or both. Her cooking skills are exceptional and her photography skills are just astounding. She comes up with the craziest and yet most creative creations (hello? Chocolate Bacon Gingerbread House, anyone?) and her fascination with macarons are just beyond me.

Nevertheless, I should shut my trap and just the photos do the talking: a Malaysian feast, 16 desserts, and 15 foodbloggers later…

Nasi Lemak condiments
Nasi Lemak condiments
Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice)
Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice)
Nasi Lemak condiments
Nasi Lemak condiments
Ikan Bilis
Ikan Bilis - dried anchovies with peanuts (similar to dilis of the Philippines)
Chilli Pineapple
Chilli Pineapple
The infamous Micheal Jackson drink. Why? Its black & white!
The infamous Micheal Jackson drink. Why? It's black & white!
Minhs Risoni with Beans and Feta Salad
Minh's Risoni with Beans and Feta Salad
Trissas Chorizo & Grilled Red Capsicums
Trissa's Chorizo & Grilled Red Capsicums
Trissas Chicken Wings
Trissa's Chicken Wings
Ellies Beef Rendang - one of the two (or three or four...) highlights of the lunch!
Ellie's Beef Rendang - one of the two (or three or four...) highlights of the lunch!

Ok, let’s pause for a minute. Are you still with me?

Take a deep breath. That was just the entrees and mains. Let’s take a break before the ginormous desserts on offer that day!

The desserts were a monumental effort on their own that they deserve a separate post. So… desserts on the next post!

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