Sunday Slowdown | Local Mbassy, Ultimo

Next weekend, do yourself a favour and block out your whole morning. Stroll down to Wattle Street, Ultimo, turn to Local Mbassy and say hello to Marcus Gorge and his uber curled ‘tache, and park yourself on one of the upcycled furniture. Order a flat white, eggs benedict, and maybe (just maybe) a red velvet pancake for good measure.

Look up at the beautiful bronze lights, exposed piping, hanging running flora, and the graffiti and mural work by local artist Sid Tapia. The interiors and creativity are just absolutely beautiful – everything makes sense in this place, from the chairs, tables, cutlery and lights to the coffee, food, and customer service.

Sip your heart-warming Campos coffee, and look down at your beautifully stacked red velvet pancakes and gloriously hollandaise sauce-draped eggs benedict. Or maybe fancy a decent serving size of pork belly with pineapple chunks and a beautiful assortment of root vegetables, zucchini and onions?

On your way out, maybe grab a take away cronut and/or cruffin for that snack that you know you’ll crave for that afternoon.

The Local Mbassy
310 Wattle Street, Ultimo
(02) 8084 3467

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Sunday Slowdown | Blue Mountains; The Three Sisters; Scenic World

A delayed Sunday Slowdown list on a Monday night – because a few weekends ago, Sydney was blanketed with a wet, misty, cold, and hauntingly beautiful last winter fog. The Blue Mountains opened us up to a different viewpoint, one that only comes out when you brave its harsh climate.

First stop was The Three Sisters at Echo Point – at first, were hiding behind the thick clouds that surrounded the whole valley, but slowly, slowly started to peek through as the sun shone and wind blew. It was reminiscent of the Silent Hill movie, which wasn’t bad considering hey, we’re up in the mountains. Everything was a shade of blacks, greys, and whites – a monochromatic beauty that showed us a different side of the mountains.

But soon the wind blew the clouds away and the sun started to shine brightly, and the Three Sisters came out to say hello to us and show another side of its mountain beauty. We decided to go down to the first sister and look at the valley from a different angle.

We then headed to Scenic World to check out the world’s steepest passenger railway in the world, the Scenic Railway. You can also check out the other sights and sounds of the Blue Mountains from the Skyway, Cableway and Walkway!

52 degree incline with the Railway
The Three Sisters as seen from the Skyway
A pretty majestic view of Katoomba Falls from the Skyway

So take a day trip to the Mountains. It’s only a 1 1/2 hour car ride through M4 or a train ride to Leura. And you never know – the mountains might just surprise you with its other magical, haunting beauty.

Echo Point, Leura – the best vantage point for the Three Sisters, including a walkway down to the First Sister.

Scenic World – get lost in time, learn about the mountain’s mining past and see the mountains from some of the best vantage points.

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Philippine Food Week at Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Pork belly lechon carving station

Did you know that last Thursday, 1st of October, was the 40th anniversary of Ali’s and Fraser’s Thrilla in Manila match which was held in, guess where, but Manila?! Well, today we toasted a Thrilla in Manila cocktail and celebrated everything Filipino at Shangri-La Hotel’s Philippine Food Week. 1 whole week of Filipino food fair at Cafe Mix in Shangri-La Sydney to celebrate all 7,000 islands of the Philippines. A few of us Sydney Filipino food bloggers do a pilgrimage to Shangri-La every year for this particular event, and this year’s is definitely bigger and better (ping Raff and Christine!).

Thrilla in Manila cocktail

Got your kare-kare cravings in tow? CHECK. Kilawin? CHECK. Lechon, BBQ, buko salad, halo-halo and leche flan? CHECK CHECK CHECK! It was a beautiful ode to Filipino feasting! And what better way to celebrate the start of this beautiful warm weather than to sip refreshing coconut water straight from the coconut itself, and feast on the delicious Filipino dishes that the chefs, who came all the way from Shangri-La Makati, Philippines, have prepared for us. Food really brings people together – and it was a beautiful scene to see different people from different backgrounds and cultures come together and enjoy the dishes from my own motherland. Let the fiesta feasting begin!

The Philippine Food Week buffet lunch is available at $55 per person from Monday to Friday, noon to 2:30pm, and from 12:30pm to 2:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. The buffet dinner is available all week from 6pm to 10pm for $75 per person. For bookings or enquiries regarding this event, please contact Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney on (612) 9250 6206. Book quick because this event is only here for 1 week (2 – 10 October 2015) and spaces are running out fast.
Thanks to Shangri-La Hotel Sydney & Makati (and Raff of RamenRaff) for the invitation, and the beautiful lunch, conversations and experience. Trish dined as a guest of Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney.
Chef Darel Pajarito from Shangri-La Makati, Philippines
Entree section
Kilawing Talaba (Oyster Ceviche)
Tokwa’t Baboy (tofu and pork)
Embutido (pork meat loaf)
Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Vegetable Spring Roll)
Itlog na Maalat na may Kamatis (Salted egg with Tomato)
Chicharon – crispy fried pork skin
Ihaw-Ihaw (BBQ) pork and chicken skewers, chicken inasal, baby back ribs, lamb chops, boneless beef ribs “Tagalog” (the pork BBQ were absolutely AMAZING!)
Dinuguan – pork stew with congealed pork blood
Pancit palabok – rice noodles with shrimp sauce
Kare-Kareng Buntot ng Baka (Stewed Ox Tail in Peanut Sauce)
Biggest bowl of bagoong for the kare-kare!
Bopis (Pork Innards cooked in Vinegar and Radish)
Dila ng Baka Mechado (Slow cooked Ox Tongue in Tomato and Soy Sauce)
Pinaputok na Apahap (Baramundi Wrapped in Banana Leaf)
Pata Humba (Pork Knuckle cooked in Sweet Soy Sauce)
Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid with Tomato and Onion Stuffing)
Lechon pork sisig station
The dessert station
Buko salad
Sans rival – King Oscar cake
Leche flan (creme caramel) & Biko (sweet sticky rice)
Turon – fried sweet plaintain spring rolls
The halo-halo station


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