Special Sunday Scones

Are you jam first cream second, or cream first and jam on top?

With scones, that is.

It’s one week away from the end of winter, and we’re enjoying 8 degrees, gail force winds, and a forecast of snow up in the mountains. It’s also a Sunday afternoon and raining outside, and I’m in the mood for some baking. Luckily, I managed to buy all the ingredients that I needed from the shops this morning – fresh butter, self raising flour, milk, cream and jam. And let’s be honest: my go-to scones recipe does not need a lot of ingredients. The key here is to use fresh ingredients. I tried making this a few weeks ago, but using flour and baking powder from my pantry, and somehow they failed to rise and the taste were just not right. Today’s batch were a million times better: these babies have a golden brown crispy outside, but buttery and fluffy inside. Not too crumbly, not too doughy.

Simple this recipe may be, but I know that I’m only 5 ingredients and 20 minutes away from warm, soft scones and happiness on a Sunday. Oh, and I’m jam first, cream on top kind of girl. 🙂

Best Sunday Scones
Recipe from Taste

3 cups self raising flour
150g cold butter, cut in cubes
1 cup cold milk
Whipped cream (or better, clotted cream) and jam of your choice

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160C.
  2. In a bowel, mix the butter and flour together by using your fingers. “Press” the butter cubes into the flour until you reach a sand-like consistency.
  3. Create a well in the middle of the bowl, and pour the milk in. Using a small, blunt knife, mix the flour roughly into the milk.
  4. Sprinkle a bit of self raising flour on a flat surface. Place the flour and milk mixture on top.
  5. Roughly knead the dough together, but do not overwork the dough. Tip: instead of using a kneading technique, I “fold” the dough in itself around 5 times maximum. What you’re trying to achieve is a soft, slightly crumbly finish with layers thanks to the roughly mixed butter and the “folding” technique.
  6. Cut small rounds and place on a pre-floured baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes.
  7. Serve with cream and your jam of choice. Enjoy!


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Holy Duck! Sydney

Chippendale is totally buzzing, and anyone can see why. Thanks to the shiny, glitzy lights of new structures in the area such as Central Park, UTS, The Old Clare Hotel, and the Kensington Street dining precinct, this once dark and somewhat shady part of Sydney has been resuscitated back to life.

Signature crispy duck

Last Tuesday, we were privileged to sample the relaunched menu of Holy Duck!, one of Kensington St’s newest kid on the block. Thanks to the team behind Chefs Gallery (hello cute buns!), Holy Duck! is a modern Chinese diner-slash-restaurant that offers both traditional and fusion dishes, with the menu boasting east meets west flavours. We sampled dishes from the relaunched menu and I must say, their signature roast meats (duck, chicken, pork, and beef ribs) did not disappoint. Apart from the uber delicious signature roast Holy Duck! (with a thin crispy skin and very minimal fat), the menu also offers winner dishes such as the crispy crackling roast pork belly, lightly battered king prawns on ee-fu noodles cooked in lobster bisque, and the old time favourite roast duck pancakes. The white chocolate cheesecake stack with salted duck egg caramel and matcha crepe & banana fritters with vanilla ice cream and Adzuki beans capped off an amazing feast.

Holy Duck!’s relaunched menu is available now.

Thanks to Holy Duck! and Cardinal Spin for the ‘ducking’ amazing feast. Trish dined as a guest of Holy Duck!

Signature crispy duck served with 8 steamed pancakes, orange hoisin sauce, cucumber & shallots
Crispy rice balls with roast Holy Duck! & seasonal salad
Spanner crab with salmon roe, wild rocket, granny smith apple & seasoned seaweed salad
Double cooked pork belly flash fried with black beans & chilli, served with mustard sauce
Roast beef short ribs with jalapeño puree, green shallot kimchi, soy glaze
BBQ & roast platter Roast Holy Duck!, char siu & pork belly
King Prawn on ee-fu noodles cooked in lobster bisque garnished with butter, ginger shallot and asparagus
White chocolate cheesecake stack with salted duck egg caramel
Matcha crepe & banana fritters with vanilla ice cream and Adzuki beans

Holy Duck!
The Old Rum Store
2-10 Kensington St Chippendale
Open daily 11am-3pm and 5.30pm-10pm

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Acre Eatery, Camperdown

Change of seasons here in Sydney means crazy change of weather too. The last four weeks were just wet, wet, wet. Last weekend was no exception – our usual Sunday morning routine of gym, brunch, and markets were dampened by the non-stop rain (also it was doona weather so I was feeling extra lazy to exercise). I’ve always wanted to give Acre a visit and I thought, it was the perfect lazy Sunday to have a lazy autumn brunch.

Acre was nothing short of beautiful. The grounds are surrounded by rows after rows of fresh produce, herbs, plants, flowers, and with chickens clucking all around all thanks to their partner Pocket City Farms. There’s a make-shift container cafe at the front as you walk in, an outdoor al fresco eating area, and the beautiful, expansive indoor restaurant. What the whole initiative is trying to achieve is a”closed loop” of composting, recycling, and reducing water waste. Nothing processed, artificial, and commercial in the food and drinks they serve here – everything is organic, natural, sustainable, ethical and local. I love the idea that the food I’m eating is not only absolutely delicious, but also comes from land that is farmed with love.

From the Weekend Garden Breakfast menu: acre pit smoked beans, sourdough with sausage and poached eggs
From the Weekend Garden Breakfast menu: acre breakfast plate, prosciutto, macadamia hummus, pickles, chutney, soft boiled egg, sourdough

Acre Eatery
31a Mallett Street Camperdown NSW
02 9194 3100
Open Wednesday – Sunday (closed Monday – Tuesday)

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