Prof Chris O’Brien

A moment of silence for Prof Chris O’Brien.

He is in the same calibre as Dr Victor Chang. Individuals dedicated to serving and helping the people that need them the most. True, they are doctors so many would say that they are only doing their job, but the love and dedication they have for the craft seeps through the corridors of the hospitals and the camera lens and on to the lives of thousands of people who came to them.

They are the true heroes of our time.

Thank you, Prof O’Brien, for the inspiration. I know that your work will continue on even long after you’ve been gone.

Disclaimer: I have never worked with Prof O’Brien, nor have even met him, but being a health professional myself, I feel that there is some connection in the fields that we have both chosen. I am deeply saddened by this loss, because I know that we have lost a very, very great man.

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