Snacking on… Camembert & Crackers

This is a short break from the baking posts. I assure you, dear foodie readers, that the weekend will be full of baking delights you would be wishing I was never born… I kid I kid!

I love soft cheese. With the exception of blue cheese because I can never tolerate that stuff. As much as I’d like to pretend to be one of those poshy cheese connossieurs, I just can’t. Blue cheese isn’t in my blood. I’m a failure.

Nevertheless, when I need to munch on something tasty and satisfying, I raid the fridge and would always find a block of cheese, olives in brine, maybe some cold meats, and my trusty old Ritz crackers.

Two of the soft cheeses that I opt for are brie and camembert. I don’t really know the difference between the two, but heck, they taste good in an antipasti plate so I say go go go!

Betty of Betty’s Bites can attest to my love of soft cheese when I came over yesterday armed with a bag full of goodies – brie, lavosh crackers, and pepperoni salami slices. She is the healthiest, fitness nut I know so I felt the need to bring something “healthy” and tasty and basically not any of the greasy, takeaway kind of food. It was a great afternoon of catching up and snacking and talking about food (duh!) and exercise and food and food and food. So Betty, thanks for letting me gatecrash your afternoon and thanks heaps for the CD and birthday gift and please remind me to bring your friendship book on Sunday because I am getting older and will forget. Hah!

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Trisha’s Lazy Pizza – Ham & Cheese “Bread Slice”

Sometimes, when I’m lazy to cook or I’m starving for anything tasty, I opt for a few short cuts and instant fixes that I know will get me through the next few hours until I can eat a proper meal.

Like yesterday, when I came home from a client meeting at 2pm with nothing in my stomach since 7am that morning except for a huge cup of strong latte. I was running on a short supply of caffeine, my hunger has long gone past me at 1pm, but I knew I needed to eat something before I head off to the gym at 5pm. Yes, the meeting took 2 hours longer than needed, and yes, I was planning on working from home. I was so tempted to just eat a big late lunch since I was already on my jammies hackering away on the computer, but I knew I had to go to the gym that afternoon. Why? Because Mr J promised a dinner of pizza & beer while cheering on for his Blues team for State of Origin.

(Yes I am aware that they lost but I have a new found twinkle in my eye towards a certain #2 Blues jersey heehee! I suppose people will tell me to get in line then, eh?)

So to fill me up without the dread of getting stitches later on during my Body Attack class, I opted for a good, old ham & cheese “bread slice” – more like a pizza with a white bread base. Yes, I’m lazy to use real pizza dough…

Trisha’s Lazy Pizza – Ham & Cheese “Bread Slice”

1 slice of bread

4 thin slices of smoked ham

Tasty cheese

onions, chopped

capsicum, chopped

Tomato sauce

Salt & Pepper

  1. Chop your veggies of choice. I’d much rather prefer green capsicums to red but I only had the red ones. Oh, and I like my onions – can you tell?

2. Place the slice of bread on a plate. Drizzle generously with tomato sauce (you can tell I like my tomato sauce!). Top with tasty cheese.

3. Slice the ham and add it in alongside the onions and capsicums.

4. Salt & pepper and microwave for 40 seconds or until cheese has melted.

Can you see the melted cheese drooling down on the side?
Can you see the melted cheese drooling down on the side?
Snack attack!
Snack attack!

NB: The raw onions might be a bit too strong or acerbic for the non-onion lover, so I suggest grilling them first or leave them out altogether.

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