Los Vida at The Canteen, Barangaroo

Mexico is one country I would love to visit in this lifetime. Because I mean, who doesn’t? The food, music, festivals, and the people are all so lively and colourful, it would be a beautiful sensation overload and one trip that I know will go down the books.

In the meantime, I was privileged to be invited to Los Vida’s newly opened branch at The Canteen, Barangaroo precinct. Oh you know, just those three towers rising from the construction site off Kent St in the city. The site where a promise of glitz and glamour looms in near future, where apparently we shall find (in the next few years) ‘the greenest global residential, shopping and business centre in the world’. It was a lovely walk from my office to the middle tower, where the food court aptly named ‘The Canteen’ can be found brimming with take away food counters (and hungry office and construction people alike). I genuinely loved the buzz of lunchtime people walking around, thinking of what to eat, and the shops eagerly preparing for the massive hungry exodus.

We were greeted by Ulysees from Los Vida at the extremely busy Los Vida counter, and we pretty much just let him decide what our Mexican fiesta lunch would be. He excitedly gave us a quick whiz around the exciting menu and the unfamiliar Mexican fare that, after sampling them, pretty much changed my views of Mexican food. I initially had ideas of nachos and tacos of the Tex-Mex kind: covered in cheese, sour cream, avocado, salsa and jalapenos. What Los Vida offered was more of a refreshing, light, and extremely tasty Mexican affair. I was worried that I would trot back to the office feeling sluggish, heavy and sleepy, but I lasted the rest of the afternoon feeling full but content, as the whole meal packed a lot of flavour, and yet satisfyingly light and tasty.

Thanks to Los Vida for the invitation, and the colourful Mexican workweek lunch! Trish and Mr J dined as a guest of Los Vida at The Canteen, Barangaroo.

Tuna and scallops ceviche
Tequenos – South American cheese sticks with chipotle mayo
Gorditas – corn dough filled with beef picadillo and serve with green sauce
Jarritos soft drinks – more sugar than the normal Coca Cola! Definitely reminds me of the softdrinks from the Philippines in flavour and sugar content!
Tacos – chipotle beef, guajillo lamb and beer batter barramundi. Extra credit for the fried jalapenos and the chipotle mayo, because these soft tacos were AMAZING!
Chilaquiles – corn nacho chips in the adobo spicy beans and mushroom topping, topped with guacamole, cheese, sour cream, salsa verde, and queso fresco. Served with three types of chilli sauces (that chipotle sauce is a winner through and through, but the habanero also packed a mean punch!).

Los Vida, Barangaroo
Tower 2, The CanteenBarangaroo South, Hickson Rd
Open Monday – Friday from 11am – 3pm

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Prosciutto di Parma & Parmigiano Reggiano Christmas Wreath

15 and 24 month prosciutto and parmigiano reggiano.



Christmas: indeed my most favourite time of the year. I love everything about Christmas, and I usually go crazy with the decorations and the cooking and baking and shopping. But this year, we decided to do something differently. Less waste, less spending, be more practical. We asked relatives to give to charity instead of to us. We’re smarter with our budgeting. And because we moved into a smaller apartment in the city, space and storage has posed a big issue and therefore we decided to not have a tree and decors. But I had one request: could I still have a tree? Off I went to the local shop, bought a desk-sized silver tree and an Ecoya Christmas scent candle, and placed my trusty guardian angel next to them. Ta-da!

Another addition to our Christmas ‘decor’ is this edible Christmas wreath, thanks to melt in your mouth Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano with some fresh figs I picked up from the local Pyrmont Growers’ Markets and a drizzling of balsamic glaze and garlic infused extra virgin olive oil.

Oh and hey, you can bring this dish to any Christmas party or gathering if you’re strapped for time and don’t feel like cooking, but still want to bring Christmas on a plate.

This is my little Christmas corner, in my little apartment, but celebrated in the big, generous and beautiful way that it deserves.

Thanks to Prosciutto di Parma & Parmigiano Reggiano and Bite Communications for the generous 15 and 24 month prosciutto and the beautiful parmigiano reggiano.

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Your Fork: Testing My Personal Grocery Shopper & A Promo Code!

I work long hours. Long hours involving intense mental and emotional work out, that when I walk out the building doors I’m usually drained out of juice. My stress release is exercise: I jog, do Body Attack, RPM or core work. 1 hour of pumping endorphins through my blood stream really does wonders to my physical and mental health. And then I go home.

Usually close to 8pm. Sometimes 9pm.

And I’ll be exhausted and hungry, and tired, and hungry. Did I mention hungry?

Thank goodness for the husband. He’s usually at home early, and when he knows I’m running late for dinner, he usually prepares a warm meal so all I have to do as soon as I crawl through our front door is to get changed and literally stuff my face with food, glorious food.

So when the awesome guys at Your Fork contacted me and invited me to try out the Your Fork service, I couldn’t say no. I think of it as the executive’s personal grocery shopper, plus some pretty tasty recipes all designed for novice cooks. Sometimes, simple really is better.

Similarly to ordering take away, Your Fork’s point of difference is you actually pick the meal of your choice, but they do the shopping for you and you cook it at home. This service is perfect for those who still prefer cooking their own meals as opposed to ordering already cooked food, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your food. One of the best things about my Your Fork experience is, they literally remove the thinking and guessing of the individual ingredients of your favourite dish. You just pick and choose the dish that you want, they shop and deliver it to your door; you cook, and voila!

Sugarlace had the Your Fork experience courtesy of Shanu and Roshan of Your Fork. Thank you for the generous invitation & and the awesome service!

So on this particular evening, I timed it.

4.30pm. Left the office quite early. Because I can.

4.45pm. Got home. Got changed to my exercise gear, started my jog around the bay.

5.10pm. Stopped at a park bench to watch the sun set. Played with a few random friendly dogs who were catching sticks for their humans.

5.18pm. Placed my order. Smokey BBQ grilled of course. I chose the “deliver within 1 hour” option which is only an extra $10. Oh did I mention I did this all from my mobile phone?

5.45pm. Went home to shower and got changed.

6pm. Doorbell rang. My order is here – hand delivered by the lovely Shanu! *waves*

6.15pm. Marinaded the meat, sliced my veggies for my salad, and chilled the drink in the freezer. A tray of chips in the oven PRONTO!

The “meal kit” ($19.95) – porterhouse meat, Masterfoods Smokey BBQ marinade, salad greens, Birds Eye chips, and for an extra $3.07 I ordered a 1.5L Coke Zero.
Porterhouse Steak included in the $19.95 meal kit
Marinading the meat
Added shredded carrots & onions to my green salad. The greens are included in the $19.95 meal kit.

6.30pm. Popped the meat in the grill.

7pm. Meat’s done, salad is chopped, chips are cooked, drink is chilled, dinner served. Stress free.

Smokey BBQ grilled meat
Dinner served.

Your Fork*



For my dear readers, Your Fork has a special “SUGARLACE” Promo Code! Just simply enter “SUGARLACE” in the COUPON CODE space before you check out, and you will get $10 off your order.


Oh, and if you’re interested in creating your own meal kits, you can actually submit your recipes and your meal kit ingredients – and they’ll deliver it for you and even give you $15 of store credit.

So that’s effectively $25 off for my dear Sugarlace readers. How super cool is that? Try it out, it’s kinda fun and a different way of ordering “take away” but still cooking your own meals!

*Make sure you check out their locations for deliveries – http://locations.yourfork.com.au/

Thank you again Shanu and Roshan!


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