Welcome to Sugarlace.com

So, after much tweaking and playing around, I am finally happy to announce that Sugarlace.com is up and running!!!

Muchos gracias to Mr J for purchasing everything (ha! I’m so spoiled!) and my sister Victoria of Fragiled.net for previously hosting me, helping out with the codes, and teaching me how to manage my own site!

This is certainly a great way of starting off 2010 with a big loud bang!

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Short Hiatus

Ive fixed things and have uploaded a rather Spring-y, colourful layout. It still needs alot of work and I don’t think I’ll last long staring at this sunny side up layout, but it’ll do for now. At least the codes and scripts are up and I’ve managed not to ruin anything anymore.

So, thanks for being patient!

Espresso Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream

Hi, it’s Trish, the girl who likes to tweak things. I tweak recipes, measurements, and codes.

I stuffed up the previous layout’s code (in a bid to upgrade everything in Sugarlace) and now it’s biting me in my back.

So, short short hiatus until I figure out how to return everything back to normal.


Trish aka the girl who thinks she can code but really has no idea what she’s doing.

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CSS Fail

I accidentally deleted the css for the layout. 🙁

So now I’m using a fairly ordinary & temporary template until I pick up the broken fragments of the previous layout.

I might even upload an entirely new template… but we’ll have to see how I go with my time management.

For now, I give you this.

Fitness Mantra
Fitness Mantra

My fitness mantra for the next 3 weeks as I prepare for City 2 Surf. I’m aiming for 90 minutes and less, so this means eating healthily, daily trainings and gym sessions, and DISCIPLINE!

I’ll still be baking for a few orders, but I won’t be popping any cakes, bars, pastries, or bread in my mouth until after C2S!

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