Did someone say Big Breakfast?

It is a wet Wednesday in Sydney today. Although I don’t live in the Mid-North Coast, apparently we’re getting a One-in-100-year rainfall. It took alot for me to get out of bed at 6 o’clock this morning, take a shower, and have my routine oatmeal and coffee breakfast. Not the best tasting breakfast in the world, but a power breakfast for me nonetheless. I need my breakfast in the morning before going to work or doing any other activities (eg. gym!). I get a super cyclone inside my tummy if I miss my breakfast.

Which takes me to last Saturday’s big breakfast, concocted by my sister, Ria Rosa (not her actual name, although I really don’t know why she’s hiding behind a pseudonym). We don’t normally eat big breakfasts even during weekends, and when we do, they are usually because we –

    a.) Are hungover (hello McDonald’s breakfast!),
    b.) Don’t have gym on weekends,
    c.) Going on a long trip somewhere.

So back to last Saturday’s big breakfast. I just want to share some photos because they just looked so rich and fatty and delicious and colourful! Can I just say nomnomnomnom?

First you gotta have eggs…

Then of course bacon! Can you hear it sizzling?

Eat your veggies! Grilled mushrooms and tomatoes with mixed herbs.

Set the table (I know, I know… I need to de-clutter!)

Voila! I like my eggs scrambled, with bacon, meatballs, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast over a hot steaming mug of coffee!

One more for the road

Hope you have a good midweek! And stay warm and dry!

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