I’m a home cook and baker who live in Sydney with the husband and a household full of light, love, laughter, wine, coffee & food.

If I’m not tinkering away in the kitchen, tapping on the keyboard, cycling across the ANZAC Bridge, or choosing which Les Mills class to go to next in the gym, I can be seen lazying around the lounge with a glass of wine and an antipasti plate.

My ideal weekend involves waking up early, going to my favourite Body Attack class, meeting up with friends for brunch, market hopping either in Glebe, Rozelle, Marrickville or Pyrmont, and finishing the day with thanks and gratitude in my heart. On Sundays you may find me  worshiping in Hillsong.

I absolutely love coffees, gelato, conversations with friends & the occasional debate about health and medicine. I’m a proud nurse by background, with health care running through my veins.

I sneak in the occasional junk food and sweets here and there while watching period drama (Downton Abbey anytime!) and oggling over Benedict Cumberbatch because hey, life is too short.

One day I’d like to have my own ranch, maybe a few Labradors, corgis and beagles following me around, a veggie patch garden and a farmer-Joe of a husband who loves a good roast meal and quality apple crumble.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the photographs, write ups, articles, and all other bits and bobs that make up my life.

This website is an online diorama of the author. All content are by the author unless otherwise stated. Credits are given where credit is due. For recipes, links to recipe websites and food blogs will be provided if other recipes were used; reciprocated crediting would be appreciated too. Thanks.

The content of this website is purely of the blogger’s opinion.


  1. Hi Trisha,

    Hope you’re well.

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  2. Friends think she is a gym junkie, but she feels that 5 times a week in the gym is an enjoyable lifestyle, not a chore. Oh so sue me, but I can’t survive without my Les Mills classes. True story.

    I totally agree with this. 😛 It’s a lifestyle!

    Hi Trish! *waves*

  3. Dear Trish,

    I will add your website in my links for foodblogs in Australia so I can visit your blog more often.

    One more thing, how can I get myself to go to the gym faithfully?

    Yours truly,



  4. Hi Trish!

    Just found your blog by google and wanted to say Hi! Your About section sounds heaps like me.. I’m half Fillo-Aussie food blogger in Sydney in my early-mid twenties and I am also completely addicted to Les Mills Body Pump !! *high five* looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!

    ps: since you’re a fan of jams and conserves, i take that you’re a fan of dulce du leche? 🙂


  5. Great looking blog. Found this a while ago, but am back again. Love your posts and recipes. Everything looks delish. Would like to DM you, so hope you can Follow me on Twitter,soon…;so that we can connect, as recommended by Caroline. Cheers!

  6. hi,
    Trish~this is ping, we met at the cheeypick froyo place ^_^
    I have been a fan of your blog for long time~it was nice finally meeting you~!

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