Acre Eatery, Camperdown

Change of seasons here in Sydney means crazy change of weather too. The last four weeks were just wet, wet, wet. Last weekend was no exception – our usual Sunday morning routine of gym, brunch, and markets were dampened by the non-stop rain (also it was doona weather so I was feeling extra lazy to exercise). I’ve always wanted to give Acre a visit and I thought, it was the perfect lazy Sunday to have a lazy autumn brunch.

Acre was nothing short of beautiful. The grounds are surrounded by rows after rows of fresh produce, herbs, plants, flowers, and with chickens clucking all around all thanks to their partner Pocket City Farms. There’s a make-shift container cafe at the front as you walk in, an outdoor al fresco eating area, and the beautiful, expansive indoor restaurant. What the whole initiative is trying to achieve is a”closed loop” of composting, recycling, and reducing water waste. Nothing processed, artificial, and commercial in the food and drinks they serve here – everything is organic, natural, sustainable, ethical and local. I love the idea that the food I’m eating is not only absolutely delicious, but also comes from land that is farmed with love.

From the Weekend Garden Breakfast menu: acre pit smoked beans, sourdough with sausage and poached eggs
From the Weekend Garden Breakfast menu: acre breakfast plate, prosciutto, macadamia hummus, pickles, chutney, soft boiled egg, sourdough

Acre Eatery
31a Mallett Street Camperdown NSW
02 9194 3100
Open Wednesday – Sunday (closed Monday – Tuesday)

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