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I’ve moved around a lot since I left home in Darwin at the ripe age of 18. I’ve lived in university campuses, slept on friend’s couches and floors, and have had my fair share of numerous apartments – all shapes and sizes. But the one move that was the best out of the lot was moving to Pyrmont with my husband. Pyrmont is one of those suburbs that I never thought I’d live in. I remember telling myself before, when I earn enough money I will move closer to the city. I’ve always been a high achiever of sorts – it’s my best and worst trait I suppose. I’ve had to consciously teach myself to be content in what I have, and I must say, I’ve seen a change (and an improvement!) in my own growth and maturity. If you ask me 2 years ago what I value most, I would probably say career, financial stability, and professional development; now, it would be God, marriage and a work-life balance. See? Growth and maturity.

Pyrmont has the best of both worlds: village and urban life. It’s pretty much a stone’s throw from the city, with beautiful water views, parks just right outside our doorstep, and that lovely village-y community that reminds me of New York. But, this is my beautiful city of Sydney, and this is my home in Pyrmont. After moving here, Mr J and I became instant locals and Pyrmont Local Growers Markets regulars. One weekend, I took my camera out for a spin at the monthly markets, and just started snapping away of my beautiful backyard. I hope you fall in love with my beautiful suburb, as much as I have. 🙂

Pyrmont Local Growers Markets runs every first Saturday of the month (except January)
Pyrmont Bay Park
Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont

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