A Foodbloggers Ladies Luncheon with Almost Bourdain Part Deux

… so, where were we? Ah yes, we were talking about that day when the great hostess Ellie opened her house to 16 food(lady)bloggers for a Christmas luncheon party. We were talking about food and the great dishes offered. We were looking at the wonderful, scrumptious mains and salads and entrees and sides. And then we stopped. We stopped, had a pregnant pause, because now the desserts coming your way next deserve your utmost focus and attention. Are you ready?

The dessert table: 16 desserts!
Chocolate-dipped strawberries by Teresa
Tarts from Bourke St Bakery - brought by Betty
Muffins by Belle
Chocolate brownie with Reese's Pieces by Ellie
Baklavas brought by Jen & Minh
Popcorn cupcakes by Helen
Salted caramel by Belle
Hazelnut chocolate tart by Trissa
Chocolate bowls with cream, brownie & mixed berries by Suze
Ghermez cupcakes brought by Leona
Cherry Garcia Ice Cream made (yes made!) by Ellie
Taste-testing not 1, not 2, but FIVE Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavours!

Lemon Tart by Linda
Grass jelly & coconut creamy salad by me! (Thanks Suze for the photo... I forgot to take one!)

And the star of the show… the croquembouche made on site by Linda & Karen

Croquembouche with toffee star by Linda & Karen

Thanks to these lovely ladies and of course, our most generous, warm & welcoming host Ellie and her family.

Belle of Ooh-Look

Betty of The Hungry Girl

Helen of Grab Your Fork

Jen of Jenius

Karen of Citrus & Candy

Leona of Pigged Out

Linda, Minh & Teresa of Eat, Show & Tell

Lisa of Spicy Ice Cream

Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes

Suze of Chocolatesuze

Trissa of Trissalicious

I am grateful for these lovely ladies (and all the foodbloggers out there) for making the time and effort to put together not just the food but their actual foodblogs for all to see. The work spent cooking, baking and creating these wonderful masterpieces and then photo-editing, narrating and writing the blog posts are worth it all in the name of promoting food and its many wonderful facades. So, here’s to the foodblogger: more cooking, baking, drinking & eating… for 2010 and beyond!

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  1. Trishie!! Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun being a foodblogger! And meehhhn, that’s a lot of desserts! I’m drooooling!! 🙂

  2. Oh wow, this feast looks bigger and better every time I re-live the pics! We really must coordinate better next time. Hilarious that all the girls brought sweets and even more ridiculous that both Minh and I brought a tray of baklava each! I was so sugared out! x

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