Mixed Berry Meringue Nests

I have time and time again confessed my usage of short cut ingredients. From using prepackaged vol au vent cases, to ready made green curry sauces, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love using readily cooked and prepackaged ingredients from the supermarkets.

The main reason why I use prepacked items is time constraints. Working full time means I leave home at 7am and don’t get to see my couch until 8, sometimes 9pm at night. This means long days, short nights, and hence less time spent in the kitchen. One other reason why I use prepcked ingredients is something that I hope you, my dear readers, will forgive me: laziness. Yes. There are times when I am usually a lazy bugger who couldn’t be bothered chopping, peeling, mixing, blending, cooking or baking something when I know I can get a short cut version in the shops.

These meringue nests were time lifesavers. I was off to a party, almost out the door, when suddenly I realised I had to bring a dish which I’ve forgotten about. A quick rummage through the cupboard and the fridge and a trip to the local shops produced three ingredients that saved the day.

Mixed Berry Meringue Nests

Makes approximately 12 servings

12 prepacked ready to eat meringue nests/cases

250g (1 tub) Mascarpone cheese

Mixed berries (I used blueberries & raspberries)

1. Lightly whip the cheese until soft and fluffy.

2. Spoon one tablespoon of mascarpone on top of the meringue nests. Top with mixed berries.

3. Crushed some spare meringue nests and sprinkle on top of the prepared nests.

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  1. Nothing wrong with shortcuts, especially when you’re able to create such scrumptiousness quickly and effortlessly . It gives you more time to enjoy them immediately!

  2. I hear you, Trish! I sometimes buy meringue nests from the local old skool cake shop and keep them in an airtight container. They are also great as mini pavlovas.

  3. So agree about having some shortcuts up your sleeve. My work patterns are very similar – sometimes 12+ hours out of the house every day. Last thing you want to do is tackle a 2 hour dessert recipe. I love the simplicity of this. Very beautiful. Very summer!

  4. I don’t know how anyone who leaves for work at 7.00 am and comes home around 8 or 9 pm. could call themselves lazy! Sounds like you are a very hardworking person indeed.

    As for the above recipe, I think it is a great idea. My sister doesn’t care much for cream and especially whipped cream – although I do – but we both like mascarpone so I might try this recipe out for Xmas. Thanks!

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