New Home!

I was sick yesterday. Spent the entire day at home, in my jammies, moping killing time by tweaking with WordPress and selecting a good layout. Reading online tutorials is a pain in my backside, I tell you – it says one thing, and you follow it, but nothing happens… and then as soon as your techie savvy IT guru of a sister gets home and you beg for her to do something else you’ll go bonkers, and she does EXACTLY the same thing you did, and it works, well… you can pretty much say that I am the least techie person in my household.

Ahh but yes, I digress.

New blogging program, check. RSS feeds, check. Categories, check. Ready-made WP themes, check. Migrating the posts from Greymatter to WordPress, uncheck.

I have transferred bits and pieces from ye olde Greymatter to here, and I think I will just leave it at that. I will have to start from scratch, but at least the cupcake posts and their corresponding photos are here.

This needs a food-themed header, which I will gladly embark on, however work beckons and I am still quite stuffy from the weekend mini-flu. Le sigh.

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